Deliverables - Results

D1.1 - Scientific Requirement Baseline Report

Report detailing the problem formulation, state-of-the art and gap analysis, scientific and technical requirements, including foreseen infrastructure.

D2.1 - Datasets and study areas assessment report

Collection and processing of all the datasets, both ground-based and satellite-based data, that will be used in the project.

D3.1 - Scientific analysis report

Description of the developed methodologies and the data analysis and visualization platform.

D4.1 - Implementation and validation report

Description of the implementation and validation of the developed methodologies of the extrAIM for the Mediterranean region.

D4.2 - extrAIM uncertainty-aware precipitation dataset for the Mediterranean

An AI-enhanced uncertainty-aware satellite precipitation dataset for the Mediterranean region.

D4.3 - extrAIM data analysis and visualization platform

A data analysis and visualization platform for the extrAIM Mediterranean dataset.

D5.1 - Scientific roadmap report

A document framing the lessons learned during the project, as well as proposing directions for future research and operational implementation with respect to the developed methodologies and tools.

D6.1 - Final Report

Summary of main activities, results and conclusions of the project, including an executive summary